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Whether the project is a renovation or a new construction, we are always happy to meet with our clients at their home and consult with them on any landscaping they may be considering. By taking into account a clients ideas, their needs with respect to usable space and functionality, their tastes for materials and styles, and their budget, we are able to put our expertise and experience to work and create a proposal that includes a number of options on how best to proceed with the project. This initial consultation is always free of charge and with no obligation to the client.

Following this first meeting, we will either move directly to the quoting phase and propose a detailed costing breakdown for the different landscape features discussed, usually with two or more options for the type of materials to be used, or we will recommend going through a complete landscape design process which will consist of further client consultation, land surveying and mapping, and the production of architectural plans for the project.

Whether to initiate the production of plans or to proceed directly with the costing proposal depends on the project at hand. If the work requested is very specific, like for example the installation of a water feature in a selected area of the garden, or the re-working of a driveway/entranceway in new materials, than a plan is not recommended. If however the job at hand consists of the remodelling of a large area of land, the incorporation of substantial plantings, the landscaping of virgin land, or involves land with significant elevation changes, then going through the exercise of a full landscape design process is a very worthwhile investment.


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