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John Morris Stable & Greenery Landscapes:

Designed with elegance, engineered by science.


At John Morris Stable & Greenery, we are committed first and foremost to the provision of product and service excellence. We take great pride in the quality of our landscape installations, and build them so that our clients may enjoy them for many years to come. At the core of our commitment to excellence are the exclusive John Morris Stable & Greenery build specifications for stonework, or hardscape installation.

When designing and building a hardscape feature, one of the most important parameters to consider for maximum longevity is the construction of the foundation on which the stonework is laid. The first step in constructing a correct base is to excavate an area both wide enough and deep enough to ensure both the proper depth of the base and the extension of the base. Making sure that the base is deep enough will allow the project to bear weight without shifting and be resistant to the freeze/thaw cycle. Ensuring that the base is wide enough (extension of base) will prevent the edges of the project from falling off the base. To ensure that the base material (0-3/4” gravel) is not lost into the underlying subsoil, it is important to first install a high quality geotextile membrane. Once this membrane is installed, the base is then filled with gravel in 4” increments, allowing for compaction every 4”. Compacting the base as such in small increments will ensure a sufficiently high level of compaction has been obtained. The final aspect of a good base is the careful sloping of the levelling bed to ensure that there will be no puddling of water. At John Morris Stable & Greenery, we always slope all of our projects with a laser level and never by eye, therefore leaving nothing to chance.

Investing extra time in what you can't see...
eliminates disappointment down the road

Once the base is complete it is then time to focus on the aesthetics of the project. For brick work the fitting of any bricks that need to be cut is paramount to the overall outcome of the project. We take pride in assuring that all our cut bricks fit properly and that all cut lines line up. To ensure that the project is resistant to weed growth, we always use a polymer sand to fill the cracks between the bricks.

Cuts that line up
Cuts that don't line up

For natural stone, the goal is always to fit the stones together with minimum and equal spacing, but at the same time it is desirable to prevent the stones from looking like they were cut. Our skilled craftsmen take their time with every project to ensure superb results.


At John Morris Stable & Greenery our landscape installations have become unique in the industry due to the rigorous specifications to which they are built. Below are some examples of our build specifications for different hardscape features that set the benchmark for quality standards in the industry and continue to set us apart from the competition.

DEPTH OF BASE 20” 24” 16” 20”
EXTENSION OF BED 12” 14” 8” 10”


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